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Here are the run-down of every school related to filipinos, from schools to universities......from.....from....wait a sec.....this IS only about schools and universities, oh well, i'll just research and add the other kinds of educational links in my next update. here they are and i hope it helps.

last update: 30/09/01


United International Private School (UIPS)
The only school in Dubai that offers filipino curriculum......(I think). Not exactly been there..but i guess its filled with filipinos. It offers a bus service and a couple of activities, like camping and js proms.......(they are soooo come my school doesn't give proms until the end of the 11th grade..........) :-(
St. Mary's Catholic High School
What can I say? its my very own school. I know I have to link only 'filipino' schools, but what the heck, it offers GCSE course at a very affordable price, than any other schools. Well, there are lots of filipino kids around the place also. Doesn't have much facilities, but it garuntees results from students. If you want a high standared school at quite a low fee, than this the school you've been looking for.
St. Stephen's High School - manila
offers preschool, elementary and secondary education programs as prescribed by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, enriched by the offering of Chinese Language Arts.



University of the Philippines - manila
The University of the Philippines was established in 1908 by an act of the First Philippine Legislature. The succeeding years saw the establishment of additional colleges: the College of Law and the College of Engineering in Manila, as well as units in Los Baños for the College of Agriculture and Forestry.

Ateneo de Manila University -manila
The Ateneo traces its roots to 1859. The spirit of excellence embodied by the Ateneo's inspiring namesake, the Athenaeum in ancient Rome, is reflected in its growth into an active, fully accredited, and much-esteemed University with very strong undergraduate and graduate programs in the arts and sciences and professional programs in management, law, and governance.
De la Salle University - manila
De La Salle University occupies a 5.04 hectare lot along busy Taft Avenue in Manila. Along this kilometer radius are situated other colleges and universities, a sports center complex, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, the Philippine Cultural Center complex, shopping and entertainment centers, as well as main feeder roads. The rest of Metropolitan Manila and its environs are easily accessible by private or public transportation.
University of Santo Tomas - manila
University of the East
Founded shortly after World War II, in the year the Philippines gained its independence from the United States, the University of the East has over the last half-century evolved into one of the largest private institutions for higher learning in the country.

Adamson University
Adamson University was founded in 1932 by the late Dr. George Lucas Adamson, together with his cousins, Alexander Adamson and George Athos Adamson. The initial efforts to guide the Adamson School of Industrial Chemistry were directed towards the developmental needs of the Philippines, notably in the areas of science and chemical technology.

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