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Events and Services

Filipino Events          Filipino Services

Filipino Events in Dubai

Filipino Events conducted by Zablan Information Systems

Web Fundamentals for Internet Enthusiasts Seminar

1st prize winner of 'Win PC for a Cause' Raffle draw

Filipino Events in Philippines

Come and join the fun and 'Gimmiks' of the Pinoys


Planet Gimmick
Planet Gimmick

Filipiniana Site
Filipiniana Site

Philippine's Historical Events
Philippine Historical Events

Mount Pinatubo Photos
Mount Pinatubo Photos

Dubai Events

Dubai is most famous for its historical events. A lot of visitors from different countries come to United Arab Emirates to experience and join the fun during its yearly Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises. Click below to see details.

Dubai Events

DSF Events

Dubai Summer Surprises

Filipino Services

This site will guide you through getting a quality and free services provided by Filipinos in U.A.E. A lot of different nationalities were extremely impressed by these projects provided by the Philippines Embassy in U.A.E. Most of them wished that they can also enroll in some of the free courses that are being offered in our Embassy. Click below to see details and to take advantage of all the voluntary services shared by our nation and our "kababayans"..

Overseas Filipino Workers Zone

Babalikkarin Site

Photography Course conducted by Lightform

Dubai Services

Likewise, If you would want to know more of what United Arab Emirates have to offer to expatriates like us. You may also visit these related links.

All about Dubai

Click here to find out how to get a Visit Visa to U.A.E, the country where we worked for.

Getting a Visit Visa in U.A.E.

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