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A simple illustration of everyday life in Dubai. JO2-6/19/01

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: to bottom.....left to right.....(umm.....sounds familiar?!).....pouring out their emotions and observations on computer and paper, stealing a few moments in office, killing one's social life .....2naynapinoy acknowledged the following behind the making of this website. Working as a team, each and everyone have done their own fair share. Leading the group, we have Mr. Arnel M. Valencia of ..... and group of men and women in their field of expertise for their enthusiasm and dedication in achieving this project. Rizalina R. Abuel, Jojo Basug, Robert I. Castro, Noel F. Frivaldo, Liza Frivaldo, Consuelo C. Nuqui, Eddie S. Panes, Jr., Joel H. Rozul, Ray B. Teodoro. Let's not forget to mention, our Consultant and Adviser - Mr. Nick Salvador for his overwhelming support and a helping hand to make this website an enjoyable and memorable one.....we hope you had a great time browsing this web. The full cooperation of all the groups for their witty and stimulating ideas to come up in the realisation of this common task of making an informative website. We are really proud of you in promoting the best image of the Filipinos, in particular the Overseas Filipino Workers.