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"...Ako'y isang Pinoy, sa puso't diwa,
pinoy na isinilang sa ating bansa..."

                                                   - Florante

     MABUHAY!  We welcome you to the website of the graduates of
Batch 2 Basic HTML Web Design Course.

If the line above is familiar & "rings a bell," then you're in the right website,
. . . a website you can call as your very own "homepage".

     This site is dedicated to all Pinoys in the Emirates and the rest of the world.  Here you will find the "connection" you are looking for.  If it is anything related to Filipinos whether here in Dubai or back in the Philippines, its ALL HERE and we will serve as your "link" in getting the help or information you seek...

...a free Public Service we offer to all our kababayans.

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We focus our efforts in ensuring that all information in this site are
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