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Feeling homesick? Then this page help you feel like you're back home again... We have got a lot of Philippine Sites here that are quite helpful, starting with the site of our respected Philippine President Gloria Macapacal Arroyo.

You will also find interesting sites ranging from jokes, recipes, pinoy cards created by our very own artists, life in Philippines, and many others.

This site will make you feel as if you are not away from where you are born.

Welcome to Pres. Gloria Macapagal  Arroyo Website OWWA Tanikalang Ginto - The Philippines' Most Comprehensive Web Directory

Philippines.Com Filipinos on the Internet The Philippine's Portal for Filipinos Worlwide

Filonline.Com - Your Network of Philippine Portals The Philippines' First Online Health Directory Global Pinoy.Com - Just a Click Away from Home

Praning.Com - Ito ang Pinoy The Pinoy. Com Kutis.Com - Pinoy Health News

Filonline.Com - The Best Filipino Jokes Around Pugad Baboy - The Pol Medina Jr. Homepage The No.1 Philippine Search Engine

Cybertambayan.Com - It's All About You! Crush Ng Bayan - Ang Favorite ng mga Bagets Pinoy Kards.Com

Manong Ken's Karinderia sa Internet Pinoy Life.Com - Pimping Pride Worldwide Tsinoy.Com - The Global Village of Chinese and Filipinos

Haribon Foundation - Philippines' Best Environmental Website Bayani.Com - Ang Bahay Kubo sa Internet RP Dir.Net

Nabaza.Com - A Family Resource Site Pinoylist.Net - Madaling E-mail Group My  God Kind of Life - The Christian Free Devotional Site

Superpedro.Com Hirit.Com Bahay Ko.Com - It's just a Cick Away




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