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Presentation Tools in Photoshop 5.5
Since there's usually more than one design layout in a Web site design, it's important to present all of the layouts together so that the client can see how the individual designs relate to one another.

Photoshop 5.5 provides different ways to present multiple layouts or images without having to manually cut and paste them into the same canvas. It also helps you create a simple Web site that previews your design layouts.

These presentation tools can also be of help when your site design requires the selection of stock photographs. The light box feature on any online stock photo library allows selected images to be saved in a central area, but there's still no way to view them all at once to compare and contrast them. What designers and clients really want to do is to view images all together when making choices. Photoshop's presentation tools can solve the problem.

Web Photo Gallery
This powerful tool automatically collects a directory of design layouts and builds a mini-site to view them as thumbnails or as an ordered slide show. Web Photo Gallery is the primary presentation tool, which makes posting design mock-ups for clients quick and easy. The tool not only generates the icon thumbnails for each image, but also generates the HTML and keeps everything together in a hierarchy of directories.

To create a Web Photo Gallery with a directory of organized images:

  1. In the File menu, go to Automate and choose Web Photo Gallery. 
  2. In the Web Photo Gallery dialog box, choose the source directory in which the design mock-up images are located. 
  3. Choose a destination directory where the optimized files and HTML pages will be saved. 
  4. Give the mini-site a name, an owner, and a date. 
  5. Choose the size of the thumbnail images. These thumbnails represent the actual images as icons, so they don't have to be too large. 
  6. Decide how the images will be optimized; the default format is JPEG format. Select size and quality, then click OK.

Contact Sheet II
When you need to display a series of stock photographs, Contact Sheet II can assemble a directory of images into one canvas. While the images are small and serve only as thumbnails, Contact Sheet II can be a very useful tool for comparing these types of images.

To make a contact sheet with an organized directory of images:

  1. In the File menu, scroll down to Automate and select Contact Sheet II. 
  2. In the Contact Sheet II dialog box, choose the directory of images. 
  3. Choose the paper size (for printing on standard 8.5-by-11-inch up to 11-by-17-inch paper) and orientation. A landscape orientation will provide more space to show two design layouts side by side. 
  4. Arrange the images in rows and columns. Keep in mind that the fewer the rows and columns you choose, the larger the images will be. 
  5. Decide whether or not to use captions, select the font style, and then click OK.

Picture Package
Picture Package is ideal for displaying one stock photograph in multiple sizes on the same canvas. While its use is limited, this tool can tell you how well an image will hold up at smaller dimensions. This option can be useful when you use the same stock photograph more than once and in different dimensions--for example, with product images for an e-commerce site.

To make a picture package:

  1. In the File menu, scroll down to Automate and choose Picture Package.
  2. In the Picture Package dialog box, choose the desired image. 
  3. Choose document layout, resolution, and color mode, and then click OK.