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 The most significant addition to Photoshop is the inclusion of ImageReady 2.0, Adobe's Web graphics program.
Originally sold as a separate program, ImageReady will now only be available bundled with Photoshop. While Adobe has slowly added Web features to each new version of Photoshop, the program has never provided a complete toolkit for creating Web images--until now. With the inclusion of ImageReady's array of Web-specific tools and new Photoshop features such as Save For Web, this package gives you more options for creating great Web graphics.

ImageReady is ideal for Web production: it can optimize and animate GIFs and create rollover images. Most significantly, it bridges the gap between your Photoshop composition and your final Web image. You can work on your design layout in Photoshop, then move to ImageReady to optimize a handful of images without losing your place in Photoshop. Clicking the Jump To icon on the toolbox in either program will move a file instantly from one program to the other.

To demonstrate how these programs can be used together in the production process, we've concentrated on tips for the new features of Photoshop 5.5 and some of the basic features of ImageReady.

Optimization in Photoshop 5.5 and ImageReady 2.0
Learn about the new Save For Web feature and how to optimize your graphics for the Web.

Type Tool in Photoshop 5.5
Use the Type Tool to change text on the fly and apply special effects.

Presentation Tools in Photoshop 5.5
Automatically generate mock-ups, photo galleries, and thumbnails with these presentation tools.

Masking Tools in Photoshop 5.5
Learn how to use Photoshop's flexible masking tools to alter and erase sections of your graphics and extract images from their backgrounds.

Animated GIFs in ImageReady 2.0
Use your Photoshop compositions to create simple animation with these tips.

Slice Tool in ImageReady 2.0
Learn how to take any image and transform it into a navigation bar or an image map with this powerful tool.

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